Monday, November 26, 2007


Since when did a video cost $1000 to produce a 60 minute final product? In choosing a "package" with our hotel, I wanted to do the most expensive package (really because I wanted the Chiavari chairs and orchids). But it comes with a videographer - which we need to choose from a list of pre-approved vendors. Trouble is the videographers on my list do not nearly seem as up to par as the local O.C. and L.A. media-mecca selection offers. Truly what you find in la-la land offers you high quality, commercial-ready productions.

The FH really could care less about videos and photographers. Really he has absolutely no interest in helping me choose. Nada, zero, zilch. He actually firmly holds the position that he will not even go back to look at photos, nevertheless a video. And I actualy believe him. Unless there was a bouquet toss with some semblance of an interception, sack, touchdown, or a torn ACL action - there would be little incentive for FH to look over these uber important parts of the wedding.

I really didn't see the point in the video as well. I figure there will be more than enough video coverage from our camera happy relatives. I tried to negotiate with our hotel to alot the $1000 to another category. Despite our corrdinator's best efforts, she could not sway the director to re-allocate a portion to a different vendor.

So you ask - what do I do? I reviewed the three videographers' sites and chose the best one. Now I sit and wait. And hope that he is not already taken. Cause the other videographers look like they may have me shaken in my boots (um heels)... stay tuned!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Element of Surprise

Do you like surprises? If not, why? If so, why?
I've never really figured out if I enjoy surprises or not. I think in terms of relationships, everything has always been implied. No surprises. No special event to ask me "Will you be my girlfriend?", a la Miss Lovebird.

Everything seems like it has always been assumed or directed. For instance, my first boyfriend mentioned in a statement one day, "I don't want my girlfriend to do xyz." I don't remember what xyz was. I just remember standing there and saying, "Am I your girlfriend now?" and getting a solid and steady "yeah" for an answer.

When I think of how FH confirmed we were getting married was when he told me I better call some hotels if I wanted to get married on 8.8.08. So I guess that was that.

I'm not really upset or bothered by the fact that this is how all my relationships have been. Maybe it's in part because of me. Perhaps I subconsciously attract men who are matter-of-fact or give off the vibe that I don't like surprises?

Given my history, it didn't surprise me when FH announced to me earlier this week, "We have an appointment with L (the jeweler) on Saturday." "OK", I answered. Thinking that I would go with him on the first appointment with L, talk cuts, carats, clarity, color, and the final "C" word, costs. I've just assumed I would be a part of negotiations and FH would want me there.

So - to my surprise, when I called FH yesterday to inquire the time of the appointment, so I could make other plans for the day, he blurted out, "OH - I was just going to go. Did you want to go to?" Shock. Surprise. Yes guys, FH got me. Not in a bad way. I don't mind not going. I think it's rather great that he goes on his own. I was just surprised. Something that seldom happens. And I still haven't decided if I like surprises or not. (BTW, when FH said "we", he meant himself and our friend P, who is introducing L)

What do you guys think? Do you/did you want to be entirely surprised when it comes to your e-ring?