Monday, October 4, 2010

Cranes of Luck and Love

Saw this beautiful wedding of Laura and Jonathan in Chicago, IL.

What an incredible backdrop and a perfect way to add visual interest
to an indoor wedding where you may have a plain background.
The vibrant colors make her white dress pop that much more!
Beautiful shot of the cake through the shower of cranes.
I have a similar one with shower of orchids.

In Japanese legend, making 1000 cranes can grant you a wish, such as long life,
or a thousand years of good luck. The same can be said if it is given as a gift.
Given to a couple for a wedding gift, it would hold a gift of wishing a thousand years of
happiness and prosperity upon the couple. Given for the welcoming of a baby
would be wishing the baby a long life and lots of luck.
In Asia, the crane is a mystical creature that is said to live one thousand years.

I love this idea so much - it's great for any special occasion - a baby shower perhaps?
And easily transitioned into a baby nursery! I'm definitely doing this at some point!

Want to learn how to make some paper cranes of your own?
Check HERE for a step-by-step photo tutorial.
Or check HERE for a YouTube video tutorial.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Martha Does It Best: Ring Porn

My ultimate ring looks exactly like one in the colorful boxes in the pic below.
I squealed with delight when this issue came out.
Can you guess which one?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to Wear for E-Pics

Let me give some brides-to-be some sage advice.
TIP 1:
Do NOT procrastinate on choosing your e-pic

I should have known. Brides are always stressing about
what to wear for e-pics. Just check and forum or wedding

Did I worry? No.
I thought that J and I had a ton of clothes to work with.
well... it seems that I was wrong.

I did not want to wear the typical Black or White Top + Jeans combo.

Ideally, I would have done something "different", "colorful",
or at least more flattering.

Tip 2:
Don't wear something baggy or "flowy" if there is possibility of wind or breeze,
My tent-like top did nothing to flatter.

Below are a few e-pics [outfit combos] I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

{Sarah K. Chen}

I actually bought my parasols from Crystal (in the yellow dress).



These beautiful, glammy, and vintage styled shots
make me want to take "couple pics" again.
I love our beachy e-pics (very casual and more "us")
but I love these themes as well.

Well, J DID win a free photo session at a concert.
We might just have to redeem that prize soon!

E-pics: A Day at the Beach

Having our e-pics (engagement pictures) taken was
one of the BEST decisions during wedding planning
and one of the most fun!
(Images are poor quality due to me re-sizing)

Below are a FEW of my faves...

This "splash" photo is one of our faves!
There's a series of these leading up to
and after the big splash.
Definitely a fun shot!

This one [above] is framed in our home.

J, being his silly self. ;)

The one above was a *heart* in the sand,
which got washed away.

Bryan and his wife are an amazing team!
He worked with my budget and produced
pictures we'll cherish forever!
In fact, I may think he was more prepared
and gave us better pics than even our wedding
More on that topic to come.

I've come to realize how important engagement pics are.
After the wedding has come and gone, the e-pics
are more natural to keep displayed in the home.
With more than 1 or 2 wedding photos in
[our tiny] home, I think people might think us
to be self-centered or showy.

Engagement pictures capture us as couple,
simply, naturally, and in love.

What do you think?

Do you display more e-pics or wedding pics,
or none of the above?