Sunday, February 24, 2008

I <3 Bloomie's!

J and I just came back from an eventful day at South Coast Plaza where we attended an "exclusive and intimate... Brainy Brunch"! According to the email invite I receieved from the nicest bridal "strategist", Daisy (whom I had met about a month ago:

"Here, you will receive great gifts and the chance to build you perfect personal registry with the help of ten product specialists. Space is very limited, and we have you rsvp'd for two people, so please contact us to confirm your reservation!"

Boy - they were NOT kidding! I had asked Daisy to also register my BFF/MOH (whose wedding is 1 1/2 mo before ours) and so glad we did. They literally had little round tabels set up in the aisles of Bloomingadale's fine china department!

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by the bridal registry manager and shown to our own table, name card encased in a shiny silver frame. As we dined on scrumptious croissants, choclate-filled pastries, fresh yogurt topped with jewel-colored berries, and delicate spinach quiches, we were treated to made-to-order espressos and mocha lattes.

At the start of the hour, with a chime on the edge of a crysal flute, we began the "vendor speed-dating" - each bearing gifts of some kind. With the vendors we weren't crazy about (product, not person), the 5 minutes seemed endless. With the vendors we couldn't get enough of, the 5 minutes seemed to finish in the blink of an eye. *clink*clink* time to change (as the vedors each moved on with their goodie bags). We were left with an arsenal of phamplets, brochures, and two bags full of house paraphanelia.

After the hour and a half of personalized attention, we were registered and set about with a "strategist" to pick items that would set us up for the rest of our lives! With all the research and planning and dreaming I had of this day, it was actually very smooth and stress-free! I had compared, cross-referenced, made lists, and concluded that Bloomie's had everything I wanted all in one location! They were definitely more helpful, personal, incentives, and great tips that Macy's, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma! Prices were pretty much the same across the board and Bloomie's also frequently has great bonus gifts on registry items as well!

Since my camera was stolen a couple of weeks ao, I'll have to list some of the freebies we receieved for attending today. If you have the chance to partake in one of these events - I HIGHLY recommend it!

* Thick canvas Bloomingdale's registry tote bag
* Victorinox (maker of Swiss Army Knives) paring knife
* Victorinox luggage tage
* 2 Villery & Boch "Wave" cafe cups
* DeLonghi cutting board
* Nespresso box of chocolates
* All-Clad kitchen towel
* Wedgewood can of Earl Grey Wildflower tea
* Denby coinpurse, pen set, and file folder
* Blinq silcone spatula
* Blinq silicone serving spoon

And for registering for some of the vendors present (minimum of certain $ amounts) we will receive in the mail:
* Victorinox tolietry travel case
* [Pair of] Kosta Boda crystal champagne flutes

I love their "The New Rules of The Registry... Rule #2 Feel like a kid in a candy store."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DIY #1 - Save the Date Cards

With a week of February already in full swing, I knew I needed to get the wheels turning on this big bus of bridal bulls--t (well - I just couldn't think of another "b" word that went).

Having felt like accomplished so much on Friday (Picked the fabric for my bridesmaids dresses, which in turn helped choose my main theme colors), I was very motivated to keep the momentum I'd gained.

Since the wedding invite suite will be designed by Cards De Luxe, I couldn't get the same exact thing. I figured for sake of saving time, I would just do the STD cards myself, and it wasn't necessary to match the invites exactly.

I took a long lunch break to stop at Paper Source, buy STD card materials, oh and VOTE! And after a very long night at the office, I still came home feeling energized enough to produce these babies!

Paper Source A2 flat cards in Super Fine Soft White
Paper Source A2 envelopes in Papaya
Paper Source LP-Allium stamp
Color Box Inks (Moss Green and Orange)
Judi Kins Clear Embossing Powder (I so <3 embossing!)

I had a really difficult time coosing the stamp image I wanted. It came down to a group of ginko leaves or this new stamp they got in. I liked how airy it felt and it kind of resembles palm leaves. When I went to check out, the clerk told me they had just gotten these stamps in yesterday! Score one for the newness factor!

The above samples are the finished product. I also liked a right-justified set up, but the FI always likes things to be centered. (Note: I was testing on the envelope in the picture. Final outcome, I think the stamp will be tonal orange on orange).

Addresses will be on clear labels. For some reason, the envelopes will NOT work in my printer. Apparently it's smaller than the allowable dimensions. Do you think the friends and family will like?