Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Kaleidoscope of my Mind

Taking to heart all the considerate advice I was given from the previous post, I have taken another stab at this color palette issue. Thanks to all the bees out there who took the time to give such thoughtful comments!

Laura and Heather's advice regarding my love of pink, orange, and green, and the images from the side of my blog as part of my inspiration board led me to this kaleidoscope of images.

(All images from The Knot , The Kahala, and Theresa Lang)

It all came together with the inspiration from the invitation from Theresa Lang. It incorporated 3 of my top fave color choices beautifully! And at this point, I think the FH is ready and willing to compromise on colors so that I can finally commit.

With the promise that neither he, nor any of his groomsmen will be coerced into wearing pink, the FH is happy to compromise on colors so that I will finally commit and stop interrogating him on choices every day!

So what do YOU think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


SO I take it back... I have 1 little stress with the wedding right now. COLORS. I know every bride seems to go through the seemingly monumental task of choosing their wedding colors. How did they all do it? And then commit? It seems so much easier to commit to my future hubbie than it is to choose what color I want our BM dresses to be or initiations.

A few choices:
* Bright Orange + Green; Accents of cream, brown, and pink or yellow.
* Bright Orange + Aqua/Turquoise; Accents of black, white.
* Yellows + Pinks; Accents of green, white.
* Blush [pink], Creams, Champagne; Accents of brown, metallics [gold, pewter, or silver].
* White + Green ; Accents: brown, and any other color under the sun.
* Bright Pink/Fuchsia + Green; Accents of lighter pinks and white or cream, black.
and the list of combinations could go on and on... to which one BM told me I could just do all the colors of the rainbow and the "tie-dye" palette may bode well with my Hippie hubbie-to-be.

A few inspiration boards garnered mostly from StyleMePretty. Inspiration board #4 is from the Martha Stewart - Today Show Wedding. If you see any images that need crediting, please email me and I will add it. List most brides, I have saved many images a while back without saving the original source.
In no particular order:

The #1 front-runner according to my florist. He, like FH, like the subdued color palette. I like the simplicity and sophistication.

I love the bright fun colors of this Alice-in-Wonderland palette. Deemed "too bright for my taste" by the florist, and "too much pink" by the FH. I guess it's out.
My #1 choice, florist's #2. Only problem I see is that this would go best with a classy, evening affair in city. Meanwhile, I'm having a daytime, semi-casual, beach-side ceremony.
I think this board is a nice combination of my Alice-in Wonderland brights meet the champagne/blush, city sophisticate. I may take cues from this palette to create my own.
This palette ties for my #1 fave. It's similar, but with a slightly more garden-in-the-country feel. My only concern is if it would we too subdued for our surroundings. Perhaps something a bit brighter for the outdoor ceremony, and this palette for the indoor reception?
Ta-Da! This is MY 1st attempt at an inspiration board. I'm drawn to the lovely pinks and yellows. They can be subdued or brightened up endlessly! Accents with green, white or cream, and brown or black - I think it complements our event beautifully. However, FH say it and was shocked by how much PINK there is in it. I may need to tweak this a bit if I stick with this palette. I used a lot of tropical fruit, as would be found in our locale, and cocktail drinks as heavy inspiration.
Which do you think would work the best?

7th Heaven

Only 7 months left til our big day! It seems like just yesterday we were at Pearl & Khai's wedding (7.7.07). With 1 whole year to plan the wedding, I thought it'd be a breeze. I'd have everything done by February so we could enjoy a nice skiing/snowboarding season and not stress.

Not that I'm stressing. Actually - there's really little stress right now. I'm still on the cloud we ra rang in for the new year. My honey was so sweet and good to me - he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cooked a porterhouse steak dinner for us last night.

I guess the only thing hat brings me down to earth again is this email from theknot.com reminding me of my my unchecked "To Do" boxes I have yet to complete. Still, all I have to do to float back to my 7th heaven cloud is close the little "x" box at the upper right-hand corner. And I'm floating away again....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 will be Gr8! / Bridal Resolutions

2008 - We rang in the New Year with 2 other '08-to-be couples and a pair of newlyweds!
The FI pointed out what a great year 2008 will be:
  1. We're getting married!
  2. We'll go to our bachelor/bachelorette parties (in Cabo & Vegas, respectively).
  3. We'll go on our honeymoon!
In following Miss Jasmine's post on weddingbee, I've decided to post some of my Bridal New Year's Resolutions as well. For many bride-to-be's, I'm sure the list quite similar. Nonetheless, as all the great planning books will advise - it's important to write down your goals. So here goes:

[1] Be mindful of the budget and be resourceful as much as possible. As I have been told more than once, "live within your means". Bargain, negotiate, and cut the unnecessary crap. Nuff said.
[2] Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. As an ongoing resolution that I try to kick up a notch each year, I will try to embrace a healthier lifestyle for the mind, body, spirit. With the wedding this year, I have even more incentive to step up my goals! More walking the dog, more yoga, more swimming, more gym, more organic foods and veggies, more water, more kisses, more compliments, more smiles, more hugs, more "I love you's". Less fat, less meat, less alcohol, less sugar, less TV, less negativity, less stress, less complaining.
[3] Remember the whys of the wedding. I will try to remember that the importance of the wedding is about me and the FH. As I have said repeatedly before, I wouldn't care if no one showed up - the wedding of my dreams should be about the FH and myself. Luckily, I have great parents and a great FI that also stand by with me on this one.
[4] Don't sweat the small stuff. So who cares if a napkin doesn't match a BM dress? At the end of the day, no one will remember the small stuff. They will only remember the feeling and the festivities.
[5] Live in the moment. Because being engaged and getting ready to be married is a time in my life that I will only have once. I want to enjoy every moment of our lives - to soak it all in. :)

Happy 2008! We're getting married this year!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You know Joe?

Courtesy of a post on weddingbee, I was browsing photog sites and came across Joe Photo, who was the photographer of my dear friend M.

M had a beautiful and elegant wedding. 100 ppl. Guests that "genuinely care and love us" as M put it. M was the epitome of a beautiful bride. As her MOH - I remember the joy was radiating from her as she glowed, and gleefully pranced along the hallway in the moments before her big walk down the aisle. "I'm getting married! I'm getting married!" I will never forget how happy my friend was in those moments.

A few of my own photos from that beautiful October day: The beautiful view behind the ceremony site at Ritz-Carlton Dana Point; getting ready, mini tea ceremony in the room.

I wish I had more pictures of the ceremony to share - but M just told me they went to pick their pictures for their album a couple weeks ago, and being in the party I only have the memories of the special day.