Wednesday, January 9, 2008

7th Heaven

Only 7 months left til our big day! It seems like just yesterday we were at Pearl & Khai's wedding (7.7.07). With 1 whole year to plan the wedding, I thought it'd be a breeze. I'd have everything done by February so we could enjoy a nice skiing/snowboarding season and not stress.

Not that I'm stressing. Actually - there's really little stress right now. I'm still on the cloud we ra rang in for the new year. My honey was so sweet and good to me - he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and cooked a porterhouse steak dinner for us last night.

I guess the only thing hat brings me down to earth again is this email from reminding me of my my unchecked "To Do" boxes I have yet to complete. Still, all I have to do to float back to my 7th heaven cloud is close the little "x" box at the upper right-hand corner. And I'm floating away again....