Wednesday, January 9, 2008


SO I take it back... I have 1 little stress with the wedding right now. COLORS. I know every bride seems to go through the seemingly monumental task of choosing their wedding colors. How did they all do it? And then commit? It seems so much easier to commit to my future hubbie than it is to choose what color I want our BM dresses to be or initiations.

A few choices:
* Bright Orange + Green; Accents of cream, brown, and pink or yellow.
* Bright Orange + Aqua/Turquoise; Accents of black, white.
* Yellows + Pinks; Accents of green, white.
* Blush [pink], Creams, Champagne; Accents of brown, metallics [gold, pewter, or silver].
* White + Green ; Accents: brown, and any other color under the sun.
* Bright Pink/Fuchsia + Green; Accents of lighter pinks and white or cream, black.
and the list of combinations could go on and on... to which one BM told me I could just do all the colors of the rainbow and the "tie-dye" palette may bode well with my Hippie hubbie-to-be.

A few inspiration boards garnered mostly from StyleMePretty. Inspiration board #4 is from the Martha Stewart - Today Show Wedding. If you see any images that need crediting, please email me and I will add it. List most brides, I have saved many images a while back without saving the original source.
In no particular order:

The #1 front-runner according to my florist. He, like FH, like the subdued color palette. I like the simplicity and sophistication.

I love the bright fun colors of this Alice-in-Wonderland palette. Deemed "too bright for my taste" by the florist, and "too much pink" by the FH. I guess it's out.
My #1 choice, florist's #2. Only problem I see is that this would go best with a classy, evening affair in city. Meanwhile, I'm having a daytime, semi-casual, beach-side ceremony.
I think this board is a nice combination of my Alice-in Wonderland brights meet the champagne/blush, city sophisticate. I may take cues from this palette to create my own.
This palette ties for my #1 fave. It's similar, but with a slightly more garden-in-the-country feel. My only concern is if it would we too subdued for our surroundings. Perhaps something a bit brighter for the outdoor ceremony, and this palette for the indoor reception?
Ta-Da! This is MY 1st attempt at an inspiration board. I'm drawn to the lovely pinks and yellows. They can be subdued or brightened up endlessly! Accents with green, white or cream, and brown or black - I think it complements our event beautifully. However, FH say it and was shocked by how much PINK there is in it. I may need to tweak this a bit if I stick with this palette. I used a lot of tropical fruit, as would be found in our locale, and cocktail drinks as heavy inspiration.
Which do you think would work the best?


jessica lynn said...

but they are all so pretty! i could never choose just one!

Laura said...

Hi there. I saw your post on the WB boards so I thought I'd come over and give you my two cents. Here's what I noticed:

-you seem to be drawn to bright colours
-you're having a casual beach wedding, which is conducive to bright colours
-you love pinks particularly but your fiance seems concerned about having too much pink
-your florist seems to have different tastes than you
-all of the colour combos you suggested at the top of this post seem to have too many colours together to create any kind of colour scheme. Try to limit your colour scheme to three colours or less for a cohesive look.

So here is my opinion. Of course take it with a grain of salt because you need to make your own decision and don't let anyone else make it for you, but if I were in your shoes this is what I would do:

1. Ignore your florist with regards to colours unless they are telling you what flowers are available within a particular colour scheme. It doesn't matter whether your florist likes the flowers. She's getting paid regardless!

2. You love colour but don't want it to seem too crazy. Therefore I would suggest using at least one brighter colour and one more neutral colour in your scheme.

3. You love pink in particular but your fiance is concerned about too much pink, so why not use pink as an accent colour instead of a main colour? Maybe use it in the flowers and the stationery, but don't dress your bridesmaids head to toe in pink or cover all your tables in bright pink linens.

So here are some colour schemes I think would work well with a pink accent colour:

-Pink, gold, and cream
-Pink with green and/or chocolate brown
-Pink, tangerine, and creamy yellow
-If you want to be a little crazy, go with pink, tangerine and lime green!

I also really love tangerine and aqua together and think it would be a great scheme for a beachy wedding. But I did notice you seem to really be drawn to pinks so I think it would be a shame not to use pink at all on your special day.

The other thing to keep in mind is that in the end, they're just colours. Just make a decision and run with it. Your wedding will be beautiful, whether you use green, orange or pink as the main colour. There's no right or wrong answer so don't get too hung up on it. The point is to just have some colours to base all your other decor decisions on. It will make your life easier once you've picked a colour scheme.

Another point - if you're having trouble narrowing it down, go bridesmaid dress shopping. I thought I had decided on a particular shade of green for my main colour but then had trouble finding the "right" shade of green in bridesmaid dresses and ended up altering my colour scheme so the girls could wear blue dresses instead. The available dress colours might help you narrow it down a bit.

heather said...

I like #6 best, it is so vibrant-- what I think it sounds like you want your beach wedding to be. I think I also like it because it incorporates all of the bright, citrusy colors that are in the pictures on the sidebar of your blog- maybe you could make those into an inspiration board and see how that strikes you as well! The pastel/alice schemes seem more gardeny than beachy, and if a scheme feels too sophisticated for you, you're going to feel too stuffy on your big day. I say, go with the fun!

nylisa said...

Being a designer, I can tell you your #1 (photo #3) would work well with a cream/yellow accent. Just imagine all the colors of that board, and then toss in satin yellow ribbons. It instantly brightens up the entire feel of it, but keeps it sophisticated and modern and not too casual. Plus your florist can add yellow flowers to all the arrangements.

Anonymous said...