Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Kaleidoscope of my Mind

Taking to heart all the considerate advice I was given from the previous post, I have taken another stab at this color palette issue. Thanks to all the bees out there who took the time to give such thoughtful comments!

Laura and Heather's advice regarding my love of pink, orange, and green, and the images from the side of my blog as part of my inspiration board led me to this kaleidoscope of images.

(All images from The Knot , The Kahala, and Theresa Lang)

It all came together with the inspiration from the invitation from Theresa Lang. It incorporated 3 of my top fave color choices beautifully! And at this point, I think the FH is ready and willing to compromise on colors so that I can finally commit.

With the promise that neither he, nor any of his groomsmen will be coerced into wearing pink, the FH is happy to compromise on colors so that I will finally commit and stop interrogating him on choices every day!

So what do YOU think?


k t said...

Hi Vivian! I love your blog! I really wish I had done one like this "while" i was planning.

Anyways, I noticed you are having your wedding in the same place I did. How cool. We even had the Hau Terrace on back-up too. Congrats and good luck!!


soon-to-be Mrs. Ish said...

Love it! The colors come together beautifully. It's so "tropical" but in a really classy way.