Wednesday, January 20, 2010

E-pics: A Day at the Beach

Having our e-pics (engagement pictures) taken was
one of the BEST decisions during wedding planning
and one of the most fun!
(Images are poor quality due to me re-sizing)

Below are a FEW of my faves...

This "splash" photo is one of our faves!
There's a series of these leading up to
and after the big splash.
Definitely a fun shot!

This one [above] is framed in our home.

J, being his silly self. ;)

The one above was a *heart* in the sand,
which got washed away.

Bryan and his wife are an amazing team!
He worked with my budget and produced
pictures we'll cherish forever!
In fact, I may think he was more prepared
and gave us better pics than even our wedding
More on that topic to come.

I've come to realize how important engagement pics are.
After the wedding has come and gone, the e-pics
are more natural to keep displayed in the home.
With more than 1 or 2 wedding photos in
[our tiny] home, I think people might think us
to be self-centered or showy.

Engagement pictures capture us as couple,
simply, naturally, and in love.

What do you think?

Do you display more e-pics or wedding pics,
or none of the above?


kate funk said...

you two are adorable! Love these photos!!!

juuuunn said...

it looks so cute!