Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trash The Dress: Part 1

Sis T asked me yesterday to see some of my Trash The Dress pictures.
I usually forget I even took these.  You see, I actually took my Trash The Dress
pictures BEFORE we even got married.  There was a group of photographers that
got together and organized this event.  

Trash The Dress sessions (as well as Boudoir Sessions) were something 
COMPLETELY NEW in my wedding days.  If you Googled it, you would
only get maybe 3 pages of pics?  So all us brides and photographers got together 
to do a session for the benefit of all.  They would get portfolio pics.  
We would get FREE pics! Win-win!

Personally, I was in a rush.  Missed half the session because I got lost 
trying to find this dam in SoCal somewhere in the middle of nowhere.   
I didn't have my hair done.  Slapped on some make-up in the car.
And here's what you get.  So I forgot about them for the most part.  
Until T asked to see them.

I had about 5-6 CDs from different photographers and settings, 
but wouldn't you know I can't find most of my wedding related 
photo CDs now?  Eek... this has me cleaning like you wouldn't believe
for these two days.

So, PART 1 - these photos are from the same photographer 
who did our Engagement Pics.  That's how I actually got to do these pics 
(because he invited me afterwards...)


More to come if I can ever find the CDs!



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Priscilla said...

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Tanya said...

This is so cool and creative. I want to do this if I get married.