Sunday, September 16, 2007

Keep it on the DL

So the I had to discuss the invite situation with J. I figure it's best to do a formal STD card (as most of my friends have done) very early in advance, so that our friends and family we really want there will block out the dates for us. FH is completely opposed to this and wants to wait and send out formal invites in April/May (w/ the destination wedding in August). In fact - he hasn't even told his groomsmen the fact that we are getting married yet.

Being the girly-girl I am, I was deeply offended, but FH's reasoning is that he wants to wait until "after football season is over". "What?!?!?!?" was my natural reaction. His response to my gawking was that because his group of buddies will naturally talk amongst themselves, and alas, most will not be able to be invited - at least not in the first round of invites. With space limitation of 100, it doesn't leave us with much room for friends. So friends will chatter and be upset when then learn they are not invited (especially when he has been invited to their weddings). Sooo... for the remainder of football season (through attending games and parties) we will keep it on the DL with his friends. Weird you think? Am I the only girl who thinks this is weird? I mean, I understand him - it is very logical and reasonable (see post on "and you are who?".

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