Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who let the cat outta the bag?

It appears my previous post must have been in vain. FH went to his first USC home game last weekend (while I was in Vegas) and the question did pop out from one of his BFF.

Friend: "Hey... are you Viv getting married?"
FH: "Who told you that?"
Friend: "That's what I heard..."
FH: "From who?"
Friend: "From friend D" (who happens to live in FL mind you)
FH: "Who told friend D?"
Friend: "I don't know. So are you guys getting married?"
FH: "Yes"

And then I'm not sure what the rest of the conversation was. Probably back to the football game on hand. LoL. So... you see, FH was right. News does get around in his circle of friends. Actually that did happen to moi as well. At Diane's wedding, 2 friends also asked me as they had "heard" as well. Well, at this point, I see no reason to need any formal engagement announcements or even STD cards. :) Check 1 for the budget!

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