Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Pics: Getting Ready

Geez... practically 3 years later and I will finally post some pics for Rachel! ;)
I'm such a slacker - I still have my final wedding album layout 
sitting on our counter for over 7 months.

I didn't realize I never got around to posting any wedding pics.  
So here goes Part I!
(mind you, most of these pics qualities have been resized for lower memory)

My cousin was thoughtful enough to snap a shot 
of the day's newspaper and wedding related story.

Getting my veil pinned on.

I wish the photographer had hung the dress over the window.
We had an amazing view of the valley with floor to ceiling windows. 

***BRIDE TIP:  Despite everything I read about NOT giving photogs a "must take list", 
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do.  If I hadn't instructed for a few detail shots, I
 would not have got them.  This dress shot was just one of a few disappointments 
from lack of a list and trying not to be controlling.

I had read that a signature wedding perfume scent would be a great reminder
for the hubby.  The idea is that when you wear it, he will always relate the 
scent to our wedding day.  I think it worked (though Chloe became my daily perfume).

I couldn't afford Louboutins in the budget, but I did score these
sparkly Manolos for a good discount!  Again, I was disappointed by
the lack of creativity with my shoe shot.  

Surprisingly enough, we had to ask the photographer to take ring shots as well.
At least these came out nice.
In case you're wondering:

Hubby's Band is a Tungsten Carbide comfort fit ring. 
I originally wanted to get him THIS RING, but he ultimately 
fell in love with the one he chose (similar to THIS).

My e-ring is a 4-prong solitaire based on the Cartier 1895 Solitaire setting*.
* Cartier didn't sell Asscher stones, nor would they sell just the setting.  
So we had to go to a jeweler who did have the stone I wanted 
and could make the same setting. 

As some of you may know, I want to change my setting at some point.  
The band and setting are eternally classic, but they are much more of 
my hubby's style than my own.  Though, there are days when I love that the 
simplicity and elegance are timeless and go with anything.  

Getting ready with my girls!

Me and my MOH checking out the reception room as it's getting set up.
We didn't know the photog was behind us at first, and these 2 were some of my fave shots.

That's it for today...

More pics and posts to come!

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