Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Pics: The First Look

For a long time, it has been tradition, 
that the groom must not see the bride before the wedding.
In modern times, I hardly know a single bride 
that DIDN'T see the groom before.

"The First Look" is touted as a time 
that the couple can share alone before the wedding begins.
Often, a sentimental and sweet photo session 
takes place if you opt for "the first look".

In our case, I was very happy we did these shots 
since our families HIJACKED, and YES, 
I do mean hijacked in all caps, 
our "after ceremony" photo time.
More on that later...

. . .

In Hawaiian tradition, the bride always gives the groom the first lei.
It's said that giving the groom the maile lei showed him and everyone
that this wahine (girl) wanted his hand in marriage...

* I left out "The Kiss" here... there are still somethings a little private ;)

This alone time, before the ceremony started, 
was really the only time we had to ourselves 
until much past midnight...

and some of the only portraits we got together...

This is one of my favorite photos...

but knowing what I know about photography now (which isn't much)
I would have expected the photographer 
to fix a few obvious blunders in the scene...

. . .

Overall, my advice is to go ahead and do "the first look" 
if your time and photographer allows.
Without it, we may have never gotten any photos of just the two of us.  

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Lily said...

You look like the perfect couple, and you are gorgeous! really beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!!!