Monday, August 27, 2007

And you are who?

FH and I just spent last night with about 60 of his parents' closest friends (including a few family members). Apparently, even without a ring or formal engagement notice, the associated "aunts and uncles" are fully aware of our wedding date and locale. I think most everyone at the party expects to be invited. We are of course more than happy to entertain all friends and family... just one teensy-weensy problem... our reception hall says "max. 100" and ceremony site says "max. 60 # of seats". Ummmm... FH has 40 family members on one side of his family alone.

We know who "has to be there". It's just the others who should be but aren't on the list that I worry about. What did you do/are you going to do about the ones who aren't invited to the main celebration? We will be having a local reception as well so the more the merrier at that event. I just have a feeling that most would want to be invited to the main event in Hawaii. Any tips or suggestions? Leave it to the parental units to break the news or send them separate invites for the local reception only?