Saturday, August 11, 2007

Does size really matter?

Ahh... perhaps something that pops into every guy's mind at least once in their lifetime. In my case, the issue of size IS wedding related. The rock, the ice, the bling bling! I have my mind set on an (at least 2 carat) Asscher cut stone, flanked by two smaller side stones. Thing I have come to discover about this "idea" I have in mind - to make it a reality will cost Mr. Pineapple a pretty penny! Is it unfair to hold your FH up to this ideal we've created in our minds? Mr. Pineapple is soo sweet and willing to make me happy in just about any way possible. I don't like to be unreasonable or beyond logic and practicality. But I think my dream wedding along with a ring of my dreams may just be too much ka-ching ka-ching!

I don't want to put any more pressure on Mr. Pineapple - I won't say anything further about the the size of the rock or even the setting. It's all for him to decide. I'm quite happy with the fact that I got the destination wedding, and even more estactic to have found and be loved by such a wonderful man as Mr. Pineapple.
But I still have a bit of that little-girl-feeling inside - you know - the one every girl has - (in best pouty face) "but i want to have my cake and eat it too---"
I just have to remind that little girl that "you can't and shouldn't get everything you want in life," otherwise it wouldn't make special things special at all.

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